Occasionally we find ourselves in the position to help clients rehome dogs that are not the right fit in their homes. In most cases these dogs are happy and healthy dogs who just need a different environment to be successful. Read about the dogs available for adoption below. 



Oliver is a client dog looking for a new home.


He’s an almost (Birthday in November) 3 years old neutered male. 

Oliver has done a Board & Train program with me a year ago and attended a structured daycare program I used to offer and has a lot of potential. He is reactive on leash but is easily managed with training and a somewhat experienced handler.

He is mostly reactive towards other dogs on walks and sometimes cars and bikes. Since he's been with me he has had very few reactive outbursts and is easy to engage in training.


He's met most of my dogs and is safe. He’s not always the most playful with new dogs but he can coexist with most and will play when he’s comfortable. He gets a little barky during play but is easily redirected.

He is good at being crated, potty training is perfect.

He walks well on a leash but will need maintenance like any dog.

He is good with respectful kids but like with dogs, isn't the most playful.

He is aloof with strangers but has shown no risky behaviors around people.

He can be affectionate with people he knows but in general prefers his space. I would not consider him a "Velcro Dog". These are typical traits of a working breed.

Off leash he is independent but doesn't range out too far. His recall is good but again, will need regular maintenance.

His ideal home would be an active single owner or young active couple. 

He loves to play frisbee and would enjoy living with someone who can engage in toy play often. He also has nice food drive.

He needs someone who is interested in pursuing activities that engage him mentally and physically. He needs an owner who can invest time and money into training and activities to bond and form a strong working relationship. He’s got a great off switch but he’s still an energetic guy who needs an owner who will learn his quirks and find him appropriate outlets!

His adoption fee is $250 and includes a credit for one private lesson. 

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