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Occasionally we find ourselves in the position to help clients rehome dogs that are not the right fit in their homes. In most cases these dogs are happy and healthy dogs who just need a different environment to be successful. There are no fees to acquire a dog from us but where they end up is very important to us. Finding the perfect fit is the goal rather than finding any home. Read about the dogs available for adoption below. 




Approx. 2 years

Came to us in February 2022

Male, Neutered, Approx. 60-65 lbs

American Pit Bull Terrier,

German Shepherd,

American Bulldog mix

See his Embark results here.


Brew is a two year old mixed breed who came to me for a four week training program in February of 2022. The goal for the training program was to give Brew a foundation of training to prepare him for being rehomed. His owner had owned him since 8 weeks old but some circumstances in his life have changed and his home is no longer the best environment for Brew. I am looking for a new home for Brew now that his training program has finished. 

Brew is intact and will be current on vaccinations prior to adoption. 

Brew is very handler focused and has bonded quickly with me. He enjoys running, jumping, and playing hard but equally enjoys sitting on the ground and enjoying my company. He is friendly with strangers and enjoys receiving affection from them. He has interacted briefly with children between the ages of 4 and 12 years old. With the younger children, he met them through a gate and was happy and curious. He enjoyed spending time with the 12 year old. I don't anticipate any issues with children other than he may knock small children over! He is exuberant and young so self-control is a work in progress.

He has met almost all of my dogs and enjoys their company. He regulates his energy levels well in small groups and, like most dogs his age, can get more rambunctious with more dogs around or if another dog eggs him on. All of the dogs he has met so far are older than him by at least a year. Some significantly older. I have not introduced him to a dog that matches his age and exuberance yet. I am not limiting him to a single dog home but will be looking for the right type of dog to live with him. 


He has moderate food and ball drive and has a fantastic nose. He's great off leash on our 300 acre farm and has yet to range out more than about 20 yards. He is ecollar trained and responds very well to basic obedience cues. He walks well on a leash on a prong collar and working around distractions but these are things we'll continue to work on while he's here. He can get jumpy and mouthy but that's typical for his age and breed. He's very energetic but he has a nice off switch. He's fantastic in a crate and is potty trained. If you'd like to know more about Brew, shoot me an email or view his highlight on my Instagram

UPDATE AUGUST 2023: Brew was adopted in June of 2023 and returned after a couple months. He lived with a family in the suburbs that had a two year old son with whom he was wonderful with. Ultimately the family determined that Brew was not the dog they were looking for and decided to return him. Nothing has changed that affects Brew's ability to be placed but from this experience I learned that he is a wonderful family dog and with parents who set good boundaries between their children and dogs, he can live very happily with children. 

Brew's adoption fee is $0 and includes two free training sessions. 










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