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Board your dog with us in Harris, MN and feel comfortable that they are in safe hands!


We are professional and educated caretakers with extensive knowledge in handling dogs of all sizes, ages, and behavioral backgrounds - including reactive, aggressive, and fearful dogs.


We can work with you to make sure that your dog is as comfortable as possible while you're away.

We accept intact dogs, are also experienced with feeding a raw diet, and allow dogs to board with limited vaccines and/or titers.

Dogs must be comfortable being crated off and on throughout the day and overnight.

Dogs stay with us on our property which includes over 300 acres of room to explore! There is a creek and a pond for swimming in warmer months! 




There are a few reasons why our boarding stands apart from other options. The first being that we have nearly a decade of professional training experience that gives us the skills we need to make sure your dog is as comfortable as possible and completely safe. All dogs take a while to adjust to being in a new environment. We have a special eye in evaluating your dogs' behavior and determining what they need to settle in faster and be much less stressed during their stay. 

Our experience also means we can take dogs that other facilities or in home boarders can't take. Dogs who don't like other dogs, dogs that are nervous nellies, and dogs that take some time to warm up to new people are all welcome here (see our policies for more specifics on what dogs we are currently set up to take). We utilize crates to rotate dogs in and out throughout the day so they don't need to be able to be a part of a group of dogs ever. Dogs that are social and enjoy the company of other dogs may get to meet some new friends while they are here. 

We also house all our client dogs in our home. We have dedicated the lower level of our house entirely to our client dogs. Down there they have their own crates, room for all their stuff, and their own door to their own side of the yard where they don't have to worry about running into any other dogs. They will never be let out unsupervised. 

Did we mention that we have over 300 acres too? Weather permitting boarding dogs get to take walks with us and explore our property throughout their stay. In most cases we do this on a long line so they have the feeling of freedom but with the safety of a leash. If they are reliable off leash and ecollar trained they may be let off leash. If they are dog social they may get to take their walk with a buddy or two depending on what other dogs are here at the same time. 

If the weather is poor, client dogs always get adequate time in the house to stretch their legs and get some attention. They will be crated more than they probably are at home but they will always have their needs met. Most dogs like being able to retreat to their own quiet area in a big new place. 

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