What types of dogs do you work with?

We specialize in working breeds, reactive dogs, and raising puppies to be the most confident adults they can be! We can help with most behavior issues but will refer you to another trainer for Separation Anxiety or extreme fearfulness. For a full list of breeds we work with, please see our Services page!

Do you use ecollars?

Only if you want us to. We mean that. A lot of Board & Train facilities claim they only use ecollars on some dogs but put them on all the dogs anyways. We have lots of experience training without ecollars and are happy to support your decision not to use them.

What about prong collars?

You know, we aren't quick to use prong collars but we have used them and aren't going to stop you if that's what has been working for you! As long as you are using them correctly and fairly, we will support the use of whatever tool you prefer. If you aren't sure what would work best, we can help you troubleshoot the pros and cons of all tools to help you make an educated decision.

Are you a "positive reinforcement" trainer?

Yes, though we are not opposed to using no reward markers, leash pressure, and/or ecollars in specific situations. In all our training we set dogs up to be successful and make sure expectations are clear and fair throughout the entire training process. We won't ever ask you to use a training approach you aren't comfortable with.

Don't you need to see my dog's behavior before you can train them?

Nope! We've been doing this long enough and had our hands on enough dogs that, like a detective, we know all the questions to ask to find the clues for what's causing a dog to behave a certain way. Sure, things might change once the dog is in our care but that's part of the process and we're experienced in troubleshooting on the fly!

Do you work with aggressive dogs?

Most of the time, yes. However, if the aggression is so extreme that a Board & Train is not a safe option and virtual coaching doesn't provide enough support, we will refer you to a trainer that does offer in person lessons who is experienced with aggression. Email us to chat more.

Why do you only work with specific breeds?

Because of our experience with high drive working breeds, we offer a unique perspective to owners who have high energy breeds who they are struggling to satisfy. Working breeds develope reactivity and aggression in a very specific way that many pet dog trainers don't understand unless they've raised these types of dogs themselves. Because there is a lack of experience with these breeds in the pet dog training community in Minneapolis, we've decided to make these dogs our focus.

Can I visit my dog during their Board & Train?

We understand that 4 weeks is a long time to be without your best friend but we don't allow visits during our Board & Train programs. While your dog is here we are managing their environment to support the training we are working on. This means controlling what distractions they are exposed to so they only experience things they can handle, exactly when they are ready. A visit from family is extremely exciting and distracting and can create too much excitement for a dog and disrupt their progress. You are welcome to request photos at any time if you're missing them!