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Private Coaching involves a lot of discussion and education of you, the owner. In an initial consultation and throughout a training program with me, I will be evaluating your dog as well as your handling skills and abilities. I'll ask important questions that will help me get to the bottom of the issues you're seeing with your dog, what your home environment is like, and what your goals for your dog are. I put effort into learning as much as I can about you so that I can help you set realistic expectations for our training plan. 

Every person learns a little differently and each of them come with a different set of skills and previous training knowledge. I enjoy the process of personalizing my coaching for you to help you learn and evolve into a better dog owner. However, I've been in this game long enough to know what skills most clients need work on before we can dive in to address the bigger issues. I want to help you rebuild your relationship and understanding of your dog so that whatever obstacles you face in the future are easily tackled. 

I like to see my clients every one to two weeks to make sure we're staying on track. I'm always available through email for questions and am happy to support you in between lessons as best as I can.

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To begin working with me, click this link to be brought to my online scheduler or shoot me an email at This meeting provides us with time to get to know each other and to get to the root of the issues you're facing. You'll walk away with a better understanding of why your dog is behaving the way they are and a realistic plan for what we can do to get you on track with your goals. My official recommendations for how many lessons we'll need will be made after this meeting. 

Each session is 60-90 minutes long, the cost for one appointment is $75. I see all clients in North Branch, MN. 


In addition to private lessons, I offer a service called Group Training.  

Group training is not a group class. In a group “class” typically, there is one goal and a specific curriculum to meet that goal. Every dog and student are working towards that goal. If you advance faster or you need more time on a specific part, you are out of luck. You must stay with the pace of the whole class. Also in a class, all dogs are out training at the same time which can eliminate dogs with dog-dog issues from being able to attend. 

My group training is more like a training club. Each dog and handler have their own specific goal, though many students are working towards the same goal, everyone’s experience is different. Some dogs are working on dog reactivity, some handlers are working on their own handling skills and confidence, some dogs are learning foundations, others are learning advanced concepts. While I am the one determining and controlling the pace for each dog, for the most part, students are coming with their own goals in mind. 

Because everyone is in a different place in their training journey, you get to absorb and learn more even when you don’t have a dog out. You can see people who are a few steps ahead of you and know what to anticipate with your own dog. You can listen to the advice I give someone who might be dealing with something you are as well and have a little aha moment on the sidelines. 

Each dog also comes out one at a time, unless working around dogs is important for them. When it is not their turn they are kenneled in their owner’s car. 

Each student/dog gets three turns. These turns are short and sweet to make sure only the most important information lands. Taking breaks in between means the dogs don’t get overstimulated or overworked. It’s the perfect environment for learning.

The atmosphere isn’t stuffy and rigid like a class. In between turns you get to socialize with other students. We usually have snacks too. Everyone who attends, is dedicated and enthusiastic about training but no one has a bad attitude. The people I choose for group training are supportive and kind. It’s very important to me that everyone feels comfortable when they are training with me, and group training especially is a judgement free zone. “Come as you are” is my motto. 

Many of my students become close friends. With me and with each other. Some of the more experienced students have invited the novices to join them in other activities outside of group training and I’m enjoying watching these little side groups forming. Two of my novice students just earned their first titles with their dogs this past weekend because other students introduced them to the sport Barn Hunt. The community I create is just as important to me as the training we accomplish while you’re here. 

Now the nitty gritty details. 
It costs $55/dog to come to group training. You don’t need to commit every week for any specific amount of time. Obviously the more you come the more progress you see but if you can’t make a week here and there or you just want to come try it out, that’s fine too.
We meet in North Branch, MN. We meet on Monday mornings at 10am, Thursday evenings at 5pm, Friday mornings at 10am and Sunday mornings at 9am. You don’t need to be on time though I prefer that you don’t show up much later than an hour after we begin. You don’t need to stick to the same day every week and you’re welcome to come more than once a week if you want to. I’m not stopping you! 
We are usually there for at least 3 hours but sometimes more. I can usually get people out early if I need to, but I think you get the best experience if you stay and watch everyone. 

If you have questions or would like to see if this is the right service for you, join our Facebook group and I'll shoot you a message!