Private Coaching involves a lot of discussion and education of you, the owner. In an initial consultation and throughout a training program with me, I will be evaluating your dog as well as your handling skills and abilities. I'll ask important questions that will help me get to the bottom of the issues you're seeing with your dog, what your home environment is like, and what your goals for your dog are. I put effort into learning as much as I can about you so that I can help you set realistic expectations for our training plan. 

Every person learns a little differently and each of them come with a different set of skills and previous training knowledge. I enjoy the process of personalizing my coaching for you to help you learn and evolve into a better dog owner. However, I've been in this game long enough to know what skills most clients need work on before we can dive in to address the bigger issues. I want to help you rebuild your relationship and understanding of your dog so that whatever obstacles you face in the future are easily tackled. 

I like to see my clients every one to two weeks to make sure we're staying on track. I'm always available through email for questions and am happy to support you in between lessons as best as I can.



To begin working with me, book your initial consultation by clicking the BOOK NOW button below. This meeting provides us with time to get to know each other and to get to the root of the issues you're facing. You'll walk away with a better understanding of why your dog is behaving the way they are and a realistic plan for what we can do to get you on track with your goals. My official recommendations for how many lessons we'll need will be made after this meeting. 


I see lessons all over the Twin Cities. If you live south of North Branch (within 45 minutes, a travel rate applies).

90 minutes  | $150.



I see lessons out of Ma & Paws Grooming in North Branch, MN. This is a small private shop perfect for private lessons. 

60 minutes  | $75.


What is my new Group Training option?
It’s not a class, it’s not a private lesson. It’s both.


On Sundays, the doors will be open at Ma and Paws Grooming in North Branch for anyone with any training goal to come and get some training done. Dogs will take turns coming in and working on their specific goals, take breaks, then come in again for a total of three mini sessions. You can stay as long as you want or leave when your dog’s sessions are done. These will take place every Sunday. You do not need to attend every single one.

What are the benefits of this style?

- Affordable. This is my least expensive option to get personalized training in with me.
- It’s better than a class in that you’re focusing only on what you need, not a generic curriculum.
- It’s better than a private lesson because you get to watch others train and take inspiration from them. More information for your buck.
- You get to meet other dog owners working on similar goals. Aggression and reactivity can feel isolating. Meeting others at different stages in their training can give you hope for your dog’s future.
- Ability to work with other dogs together for distractions and proofing.
- Ability to avoid other dogs if needed. Working one dog at a time means if you and your dog aren’t ready to work around other dogs yet, we don’t have to!
- Practice advanced training skills that you maybe wouldn’t book a whole private lesson for but you still want feedback on. 
- Low commitment required. Come to every session or just when you need a follow up. Obviously results will vary depending on how often you come but if a weekly class is too tough to get to, this is a good option.
- Once we get a good group going it gets really fun. I’ve done similar types of group training in the past and it ends up being a really nice time.
Time Varies  | $45
Dogs will be in your vehicle when it is not your turn to train. The space is only big enough for a few dogs at a time.