The best service we can offer you and your dogs for thorough training. 

Unlike commercial boarding facilities, our Board & Train programs take place in our home in Rush City, MN (pick up/drop off service available) with our personal dogs. Your dog lives and learns like one of our own with structure, proper outlets for their drives, and productive learning opportunities. 


This program is for puppies under the age of 6 months old. It's a great kickstart to a life of fun. During your puppy's stay we'll work on building a foundation of learning that will set them up for success in the years to come. This includes focusing on channeling energy into productive training sessions instead of naughty behaviors, teaching them that their good behavior results in access to things they enjoy, building confidence in new environments, and around new dogs and people, and starting behaviors that make communication between owner and puppy easier in the future. The primary goal is to set puppies up for success and teach skills that will prevent bigger obstacles in the future. 


Professional intervention in your dog's behavior is beneficial at any age! All dogs can benefit from the structured learning environment we provide. During their stay they will have also have opportunities to decompress from city life and come back clear headed and ready to continue learning!


The largest benefit we've found over years of providing this service is the fact that this program works like a hard reset for you and your dog. If you have been struggling to get on top of reactivity, this program takes the weight off your shoulders for a while. Let us do the heavy lifting! Take a break and catch your breath. When you're reunited with your dog, you'll have a fresh perspective. Your dog will have had time to decompress on the farm and will be instilled with new skills that make picking up where we left off easier for you!


A Mini Board & Train program is designed to act as a refresher for dogs we've previously worked with in private lessons or Board & Train OR as a quick intervention for smaller goals like socializing a new puppy, increasing engagement and impulse control, building drive for obedience, etc. 

Additionally, this program can be a great opportunity for a reactive or tightly wound dogs to decompress out on the farm and come back refreshed.



All programs include a 30 minute phone consultation, a 1 hour long Go Home lesson at pick up, a Mendota Slip Lead, as well as unlimited email support. Drop off/pick up in Rush City, MN. We'll cover transportation all ways for a $20 fee. A deposit of 20% is required to hold the reservation. The rest of the cost is due one week prior to your start date. 


CURRENT AVAILABILITY - Booking for April & May 2021


Availability changes quickly. No dates are guaranteed. Only once payment is received for a program are your dates confirmed.

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During a Board & Train program, your dog will live in our home with us for four weeks (28 days). During this time our main goal is providing an environment conducive to training and promoting a healthy state of mind. This means a lot of structure to make sure things run smoothly but we also give plenty of opportunities to decompress in the best ways your dog can.

We have access to a lot of private land for dogs to run, jump, explore, and play. 


Each program is unique to the individual dog in our care. We take a few days after your dog's arrival to get to know them and let them settle into our routine. During this time, we are evaluating your dog's behavior and how they react to being in a new environment. How well they take guidance, what types of things they get excited about, what makes them nervous, how quickly they warm up to us, etc. We set our plan and expectations from this information. When your dog shows they have grown comfortable, we begin to train. Depending on the dog, this can be one to three days.


Every day looks a little different. Some days, we have multiple training sessions throughout the day. Other days we take a trip to The Farm to just be dogs. Dogs that have similar social behavior to other client dogs or our dogs may run and play with other dogs. Others will get solo outings.

Every outing whether specifically for training or just for exercise and decompression,

is done with your overall goals in mind.

Training sessions happen in our home, out in our neighborhood, or on trips out in public based on your dog's specific needs. It's important to trust the process! We have been doing this for a long time and can learn more from interacting with your dog than we can from hearing your evaluation. We of course take into account the information you've provided about your lifestyle and goals but ultimately our training plan is dependent on what your dog shows us when they arrive.

In between training sessions and outings, it is important that your dog have opportunities to relax and be unable to practice behaviors that are counterproductive to their training. We utilize crates more often than what you're probably doing at home. Your dog will be crated overnight, when we're working other dogs, and when we are gone (which isn't often). These crate breaks are very important in ensuring the information we "download" into your dog has an opportunity to stick.

Updates are sent the morning after your dog's first night with us then periodically throughout your dog's stay. These updates may include updates on their training or just a cute photo of them having a good time. We save the bulk of our information for your follow up lesson where we can really deep dive into the concepts. Feel free to reach out in between our updates but please be patient with a response time. We aren't always by our phones when we're working with dogs.

We know it's hard to say goodbye to your dog for four weeks but as mentioned above, we are working hard to reset your dog's mindset and instill new behaviors. For this reason you cannot visit your dog during their program. A visit from family is going to create a lot of excitement and doing so before your dog is ready for that level of distraction, is counterproductive. We promise they will not forget you and will be very happy to see you at the end of their program! In the meantime we will love them as they are our own and make sure they are having the best time possible.